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Graphicalic is our free time and where we are working with ideas from our visitors and from the world around us.

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Latest news

News July 2014:

Added 48 pictures from Dublin in Ireland.

News August 2013:

Added pictures from Munich, Germany and a few pictures to the growing gallery we call "View".

News April 2013:

- 77 pictures from Russia
Saint Petersburg 

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Stei am Rhein

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Hard Hat Area

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Just now you can buy our organizers. One for small business use, CustomerBase, and four for personal use, Perfect WineE-library and Movie Catalogue. Click the logos here or find use the link at the top to our Organizers - here you will find further information about each of the products. 

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All our pictures you can find on the site and download is free for personal use.
If you wish the pictures in a higher resultion or you wish to use the pictures for business or organisations works you will need to buy the original file. If you wish to buy one or more pictures please write to us with a fair offer.


You can also find a set of graphic ideas based on pictures and text. The Design section is mostly a play area and we hope to expand it over time and use it for many different things.
Just now you will find some text put into a graphic layout and some even as cd covers even though they can also be viewed as just another graphic layout.


If you are a photographer or graphic designer that would like to join us here on Graphicalic you are welcome to write to us and we will be open about making a section for you work available.

If you have any wishes for the future or ideas for us please let us know. We are always interested in hearing from our visitors.

Again welcome to Graphicalic. We hope you will enjoy your time here and that you will find some thing that interest you.