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Dublin is now in our gallery

We have today added a set of 48 pictures from Dublin. This wonderful capital of Ireland.

We enjoy the time in the city and I hope it shows in the pictures we added today. You will find the gallery under Photo / Ireland / Dublin.

Or you can just click here: Dublin

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Pictures from Saint Petersburg

Today I finally got the pictures from Saint Petersburg added. You can find them here:

Saint Petersburg >>

I hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed the time in this great city.

Pictures from Germany and Switzerland

Today we have added 66 pictures from different locations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

All pictures is from the same winter time (sorry no summer pictures). 
Hope you will enjoy them.

More pictures from Denmark

We have added a set of pictures all from Denmark this time.

We are talking about the heart of our own home - some as added to exciting categories like Copenhagen, Skagen and "view".
But we also made 3 new categories for Funen, Frederiksberg and North Sealand.

We hope you will enjoy. 

Pictures from Italy

Amazing Italy... I have just added 84 pictures from a trip we had in the north of Italy. Most from Verona but also from a lot of cities and towns around Verona.

I am not sure what it is, but to me Italy has a very special mood and feeling. When I cross the border to Italy it feels like the rest of the world simply is less and I feel the historic power and we meet open and smiling people... even when you walk home on a dark street late at night you feel such in peace with the place and the people youy meet.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures.

The great singer Joe Cocker

Yesterday I was visiting Tivoli in Copenhagen and on the outdoor sceen (Plænen) the singer Joe Cocker gave a concert.
Joe Cocker is not so young anymore (born 1944) so I was listen because of all those great memories he have been giving us.
But I was wrong in not expecting much. That man can sing and he still have the rock'n'roll in his heart and soul....

Hunkemoller sending SPAM text

I wish we could stop all spam. It would make life more easy and more fun.
But knowing it cannot be done I at least do not want to accept when companies just waste my time.
I just got a SPAM text message from Hunkemoller that is selling fashion in many countries around Europe...

Share your work

For all creatives.
Graphicalic is open for submissions of your own creative work.
We we very interested in work regarding design, graphic design and art photographer...

Wishing all a lovely summer

Summer time is coming to Europe and again this year it will be a time of shooting millions of pictures at every tourist locations and it makes me wonder how many pictures there are of certain things like Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Little Mermaid, Piazza Navona and many many other places all around Europe and even more so if we look further away.

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