The great singer Joe Cocker

Yesterday I was visiting Tivoli in Copenhagen and on the outdoor sceen (Plænen) the singer Joe Cocker gave a concert.

Joe Cocker is not so young anymore (born 1944) so I was listen because of all those great memories he have been giving us.
But I was wrong in not expecting much. That man can sing and he still have the rock'n'roll in his heart and soul.

He gave a super concert and one I will remember. I admit it is my first time I have been to a concert with Joe Cocker - he have not come to Copenhagen much over the years - but when I can be in the middle of a huge sea of people and move to his songs as he so strongly reached out and hold us all with his music he still have so much to offer and the special Cocker magic is still part of his preformence. 

I did take a few pictures but my camera is not very good at night time and it soon got very dark and with the spot lights from the scene it didn't leave much options for my small pocket camera but that doesn't matter much as it is the music of Joe Cocker that is important.

Yes, it could be a walk down memory lane. And it was when he played those hit songs from his long career.
I still remember those hit songs that was part of my youth and I know very well those songs that were hits before I found his music. 
And the memories are all sweet and lovely. But when I listened to the music and the energy of Joe Cocker it was not the memories alone. It was also a deep respect of his work and his performances. 

He is truely one of the great musician of all time. 

I collected a few links to some of his music on YouTube. Hope you will enjoy.

And finally I want to send a very big and warm "thank you Joe Cocker for all the music and magic". 

Keep strong,
Jens Peter