Hunkemoller sending SPAM text

I wish we could stop all spam. It would make life more easy and more fun.

But knowing it cannot be done I at least do not want to accept when companies just waste my time.
I just got a SPAM text message from Hunkemoller that is selling fashion in many countries around Europe.

I have decided to report it and send a complain to the Danish Forbrugerombudsmand. Have you got the same Txt please report it too as I guess that is the only way we can get those companies to stop.

A little for the Danish reader (på dansk):


Har du også i dag fået en spam sms fra Hunkemøller, synes jeg du skal anmelde det.

Udfyld formulareen her:
Du vil kort efter modtage en mail med en link til en formular du skal udfylde for at angive en officiel klage.

Det tager kun ganske tid.

Let's stop SPAM !!!

Here on Graphicalic we would love to do something extra to stop SPAM. If you have some ideas or just want to tell what you have done, please do so...