Wishing all a lovely summer

Summer time is coming to Europe and again this year it will be a time of shooting millions of pictures at every tourist locations and it makes me wonder how many pictures there are of certain things like Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Little Mermaid, Piazza Navona and many many other places all around Europe and even more so if we look further away.

There is joy in revisit the sites and the vacation you where on last year or ten years ago. It gives a nice warm feeling when you remember something you have forgotten just by looking at the pictures from a specific vacation.

I hope you all will have a great summer and if you should get a few pictures too many it will only make the vacation be remembered more many years from now.

If you wish you are welcome to tell about your plans and/or favourite locations.

Jens Peter 


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Thank you, Sabri. It is very nice of you and we are happy you liked what you found.

Graphicalic is a site build for free and anything we sell on the site is only to help pay for running and updatering it. We do not make money on this. If you have ideas for how we can do more and be better at what we do you are very welcome to share those with us and even more if you wish to help Graphicalic forward.

Again thank you very much for your comment.