CustomerBase - A Small Business CRM


CustomerBase is a Customer Relation Manager (CRM) system build for the small and medium sized company that need a solution that helps them organize there customer information with one complete solution that also give the ability to insert informations about contacts. The demo is the full program with all parts visible - all output pages are added "Demo" and you can only add 10 new customers.

You could ask you self: Why use a CRM program - I have only a small business and I can remember all my contacts by looking in my calendar or mail program.

Then we will ask you: How many customers do you have ? Did you remember to your best customers birthday last time ? Can you recall what you talked about the last time you spoke with the customer on the phone ? Or did you remember to ask about
the new business idea you came up with, 2 weeks ago ?

We do not believe in luck and we do not build our business on
the ability to remember important information we get from our
We do believe in building strong relationships by remember what we are told and what we lean doing business with our customers.
CustomerBase offer you just that - and so much more.

In a simple and easy to use system you can store all the information you have and get about your customers. A few click with the mouse and you can enter a note about your last conversation. One more click and you can write a letter responding to the talk you just had.
Or when you open the program in the morning you can see which of your customers that have birthday to day - more important you can also see wish of your customers that you
need to ask for the last payment from as the bill is over due.

All this and much more is build in the program to make sure you get the best possible relationship with your customer - as we say: you need to know

Download the demo today and see for yourself what CustomerBase can do.
Download CustomerBase demo »

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