E-Library - A Book Organizer


E-Library makes it easy for you to manage your book or e-book
collection - fiction, none-fiction, magazine or any type you define - in one database.

With the release of version 3 we have developed a complete solution for your entire book collection and we have kept the simple and elegant style that our customers expect in a solution from Graphicalic.
We have made it easy for you to keep all your information collected in one program and offer the best search function on the marked, the most beautiful program to work in. And with no compromise regarding programming and functions.

In the list you can read what you get in the full version and further more you will get the best program with the possibility to rate your books, keep track of all the books other have rented from your collection, and a customer service that always are ready to help you get the best of the program.

Download a demo of E-Libray here »

Here you can read about the different section of E-Library.
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Open E-Library

When you start the program it opens on the start page where you can select between going to the Main Library, the List or Close the program.
Click on any of the buttons to go the selected part.

Detail page

Click on the Detail button and you will move to the detail page of the selected book. Here you can insert information or presentation of the book with picture of the cover. You will also have a complete list of all kind of information you would like to add.

Add a short description, change type and add subjects, language, publication year, pages and binding of the book and the ISBN number.

You can also insert the name of a person that have rented the book and the date when it will return - and on all records you can see if it is available or not by looking for the icons.

If it is a e-book you will need to go to click the E-book button to attached the file to the system.

If you already have added a e-book to the system you will see the icon just under the cover picture.

You can of cause rate any book and on each page the rating picture will appear. If the book is not rated there will not be any graphic. The rating goes from 1 to 7 stars.

E-books in E-Library

Click on the E-book button and you will move to the page for adding e-books.

E-Book added

Click the "Add E-Book" to add the file. A new window opens where you need to find the file on your locale disk.

The E-Book icon will be visible when the file is added.

Click Remove E-Book to delete the file in E-Library (you are not deleting the actual file).

When a link is made the icon "Attached E-book" will be visible on different pages of the program including the E-book page. 

Authors in E-Library

On the Author pages you can collect different information about the author.

The name is taken from the book collection but you can also add an author without having any books by that person. Just click the New button in the tool menu at the buttom.

If you have inserted a new book by a new author on book collection page and click to go to the Author page, the new author are added to the author database automatically.

You can insert information about the birthplace, where the author resides today, birthday, a presentation of the author and of cause a picture.

A list of your books

Go to the List page for a list of all your books. The list can be sorted as you would like and show those books/authors that you want.

The information's on the list page is: name of author, title of the book, first subject, type and if a e-book is present the icon for Attached E-book.

Click on the e-book to open it in the default program for that file or click on small arrows beside the name to go to that Author page or beside the title to go to the Detail page.

Search in E-Library

You can of cause search for anything on E-Library. We believe E-Library have one of the best search engines on the marked. Click the Search button and the page change to an empty page with different search fields.

Fill out one or more using words or the special characters that you can see to the right and click the Find button on top. Do not click the Find button to your left. If you do this, the search result will be given on that page. Using the top Find button you will see the result on the List page.

You can make a search form any page you want. Just press and hold down your CTRL button on your keyboard and pres F. The page your are on are now a search page where you can fill out any field present and press the Find button on your left to perform the find or just click Enter on the keyboard.

The special characters on the Search page can be used anywhere in any search on E-Library.

More functions in E-Library

On each page you will find different buttons. Click on them to Find all records, sort the records or to print the information's.

You can change the sort order by pressing the CTRL key on the keyboard and hold down while you press the S key. Change the sort order in the new window and click Sort.

Any change in the sort order are remembered by the system so the next time you click the button Sort - the sort order will be that you used the last time.

At your left you will see an open book at the top grey area. This is your database. Just under the book you will se the number of records in the database, how many there is found and if they are sorted.

You can go from one record (title) to the next by clicking on this book.

Technical information

The E-Library is based on the program FileMaker. The program will work on every computer with Windows NT, Windows 2000, ME and XP. The demo has only one limitation - you can only add 10 books. In the full version there are no limitations of the amount of books you can add.

Installer and uninstaller are included.

Please give us feedback to make sure we have the best program.


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