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Download the Movie Catalogue to get all your movies organized in one solution. With Movie Catalogue you can make a complete list of all your movies and favorite artists.
Insert the data from your DVD's, tape or other media - even those AVI/MPG files you have, write down the title artists name and almost any other information about the movie.When they are all in the Movie Catalogue you can easily find, sort and print from the catalogue.

When you start the program it opens on the start page where you can select between going to the movie main or list. Or you can go to the actor database main or list.
You can also close the program here.
Click on any of the buttons to go the selected part. 

  • Easier navigation
  • Personla rating of movies
  • Age rating of the movie - you can customize the system you want to use
  • Add awards for the movie - you can add any award you like
  • No limitation of pictures you can add for each movie and/or actor
  • Top buttons give access to all parts of the normal program
  • Easy sorting of lists for both movie and actors
  • Use your own category for the films (type, media and recording)
  • Direct search of a movie or actor on Google or IMDB
  • Select your start page (you can skip the front page if you like)

You can download a demo of Movie Catalogue here »

Or view a set of screen pictures from the program here »


  download for Movie Catalogue 

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