Hunkemoller sending SPAM text

I wish we could stop all spam. It would make life more easy and more fun.
But knowing it cannot be done I at least do not want to accept when companies just waste my time.
I just got a SPAM text message from Hunkemoller that is selling fashion in many countries around Europe...

Share your work

For all creatives.
Graphicalic is open for submissions of your own creative work.
We we very interested in work regarding design, graphic design and art photographer...

Wishing all a lovely summer

Summer time is coming to Europe and again this year it will be a time of shooting millions of pictures at every tourist locations and it makes me wonder how many pictures there are of certain things like Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Little Mermaid, Piazza Navona and many many other places all around Europe and even more so if we look further away.


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