Small Business CRM solution

We have a small business solution for managing your customers and clients: 

The CRM system for the small company. Remember your customers and manage all informations about them. Version 4.01

CustomerBase is the standard business solution - just easier to use and you do not need to know anything about customer relation manage, we know that your interest is talking with your customers or finding new and that you do not have time to spend hours behind your computer. Our program help you get the job done. 

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Are you organized?  With our solutions it is both easy and fun to get your collections and / or contacts organized. Our programs are quickly installed and so easy to use, that you are up and running within seconds.

Our book organizer that is easy to use. 
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Perfect Wine - a wine manager that help you 
remember everything about your wines. 
Version 2.02

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A complete solution for your movie archive
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